Getting to Headstomper

Headstomper '17 is once again held at O'Learys, located in central Malmö at the Entré Mall, Fredsgatan 3.

Several buses including some regional buses stop there. If you travel by Øresundståg or Skånetrafiken, you can use your ticket for the bus ride as well.

From Malmö Central Station, take bus 3 (clockwise) to Värnhem (make sure you go the right direction).

From Malmö Triangeln Station (preferable if travelling from Denmark), take the north exit, and from there take bus 6 toward Toftanäs to Värnhem.

From Denmark

A one-way ticket from Copenhagen Central Station or Copenhagen Airport costs about 90 DKK, and a 24-hours return ticket costs about 180 DKK. You can also use the ticket for the bus to the venue.

You can buy train tickets at the station or airport on the same day and the trains depart about every 20 minutes.

Don't forget to bring a valid passport.

From the World

The Copenhagen Airport is located only about 20 minutes with train from Malmö and is the best airport for people travelling from afar.

The trains depart about every 20 minutes.