Seeding FAQ

Seeding has been done differently for each game.

Tekken, Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball have all been seeded in skill tiers. That means that players have not been given an individual seed, but rather a range of seeds they can potentially get.

The main benefit to this, apart from that the TO is not able to know what the brackets will look like during seeding, is that it's a lot easier to achieve good regional spread among the players, no matter their skill level. Players from the same region have been separated based on an automatic algorithm.

Street Fighter has been seeded based on CPT ranking first, and skill tiers for those without CPT points. Automatic regional seeded has been applied.

Smash has been manually seeded, with care taken to also avoid regional clashes where possible.

Where can I stay?

We don't have a hotel deal for Headstomper visitors, but here are some tips to help you find something.

A&O hostel is within a five minute walk from the venue and quite cheap. They have both rooms and sleeping halls.

Besides that we recommend checking online (e.g. for local hotels and hostels. If you travel in a group, we recommend checking for local AirBnB options.

Our Discord also has a channel dedicated to finding housing together with others.

When does it end on Sunday?

We're open until 23:00, but the official tournaments end earlier. Refer to the schedule. Give some leeway for unexpected delays if you're planning to catch the finals.

When does my pool start?

You can check pool assignments at Tournament Mode. Refer to the schedule for times.

All entrants will be emailed information about their pool assignments as well.

I don't want to compete, can I still come to Headstomper?

If you're frightened by the tournament setting and just want to play, don't be. Playing in real tournament settings is the best way to grow as a fighting game player.

We do, however, offer daily spectator passes for €7 if you just want to come and watch. We accept all common cards and also allow payments in DKK.

Why don't you have Fighting Game X, it's the best game?

It might just be, but the logistics don't allow us to.

We do encourage you to bring setups for your game and run your own side tournament.

Our Discord might be a good place to start planning it.